BSA Troop 162 - Bainbridge, PA

Who We Are



Harvest District • Pennsylvania Dutch Council

The Boy Scouts of America


            Troop 162 was reactivated in 1998 with five Scouts.  The Troop has continued to grow in size since that time, currently with approximately 20 Scouts, one Scoutmaster, and 10 Assistant Scoutmasters.  We have a very active Troop that is involved in the advancement of Scouts, while at the same time having fun together. Since it’s inception, Troop 162 has seen eighteen Scouts attain the rank of Eagle, and several more scouts are actively working toward their Eagle rank.

             When a Scout first joins the Troop, he will be assigned to a Patrol.  Each Patrol has a leader and an assistant leader.  The unit works as a group for completing some tasks and learning some skills, and participating with the other Patrols for other activities.  The Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters work with each Scout to master the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve rank advancements (Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, then on to Star, Life, and eventually Eagle).  The older Scouts assist in the skill development of the younger Scouts.  Each Scout is also expected to work on individual skills on their own and with the help of their parents.

             Troop 162 does not have a monthly dues program.  Instead, annual dues (approximately $46.50) are collected in January for the following year of Scouting.  This includes a subscription to Boys Life, the Boy Scouts of America magazine.  Each Scout must also purchase a Boy Scout handbook, an official Boy Scout uniform shirt, the proper insignia for the uniform shirt, a Troop t-shirt, and a Troop hat (optional). Other additional costs would be for camping gear (sleeping bag and pad), a backpack (if doing any backpacking with the Troop), a pocketknife, and a share of the cost of outings (usually $10.00 per event).  Some used Scout clothing may be available at no cost.

             Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to be involved with the Troop – whether it is to serve as Merit Badge counselors, become Assistant Scoutmasters, become members of the Troop Committee, assist with transportation needs, or help out at the camp-outs.  Parents are also invited to attend Troop Committee meetings, the governing body of the Troop.  The Troop Committee meets the second Monday of each month.

             Scouting builds skills that will be used throughout adolescence and into adulthood.  It reinforces the values and ethics being taught at home.  Achieving the rank of Eagle carries significance when applying to colleges, entering the work force, or joining the armed forces.  Plus, Scouting is FUN!

            So if you are interested in becoming part of Troop 162, please contact Tom D’Auria, Scoutmaster, at 717-367-4838.  Come on out – the outdoors makes a great classroom!


Chartered Organization:   Bainbridge Fire Company

Meetings Held At:   St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

Second Street, Bainbridge

        When:   Monday nights – 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Scoutmaster:   Tom D’Auria – 367-4838

Troop Committee Chairperson:   Kevin Connor – 367-8055